This is the one with pear jam in it! Very yummy

Restaurant Rating 🍸🍸🍸🍸🍸 out of 5. So I love @roughrideraz. I think it’s a perfect date spot with its intimate lighting and big comfy booths. The cobbler cocktails are so delicious. They’re fruity, rich, and refreshing, you can’t go wrong with them! The food is all wonderful too! We got oysters, the lobster roll, and the half chicken. Everything was delicious. They use some local vendors and I always love that touch. The service is also immaculate. Pls visit!

Date Rating: 🔥🔥🔥 out of 5. @az_cocktailweekend was SOOO much fun. Truly a holiday for me. The crowd is older too so it was really chill. I saw this guy and told my BFF I thought he was fine. I purposely put myself in his line of sight and tried to make eye contact but he would not talk to me so I chalked it up that he wasn’t interested. After 20 more minutes I said fuck it and went up to him and told him I thought he was attractive and would love for him to take me on a date. He introduced himself as Alonso and was like “for sure!”

He was 40 minutes late and not communicating his ETA. I was trying to regulate my irritation and embarrassment because my waiter thought I was stood up. I’m for real, he stopped coming around because I kept telling him I was waiting for this non existent date. Alonso apologized but I really hate poor planners especially with time and he asked if he could make it up to me. He’s really charming and smooth and amazingly enough my frustration melted within 3 minutes (magic?) He ordered oysters for us which is an aphrodisiac idc 🙃 he’s calling me beautiful and saying I smell intoxicating and we’re talking about everything from going to high school in our district to kids. He’s saying he wants them and I’m saying I really feel no pull to be a mother. I’d have to be inspired by my partner and I think he saw that as a challenge.

Not any guy’s kids, THIS guy’s kids.

He’s a monogamy guy, he doesn’t casually date. He said that if he could have found his soulmate in high school he’d still be with her because there’s beauty in growing with someone when life challenges you and you’re learning about yourself. And I’m the opposite haha I with every new guy I learn something about myself and what I want. I think that’s why I can’t settle at this point. He was super clear that he was interested in me and wanted to see where this could go. And he was absolutely shocked that I’ve been technically single. But y’all have seen #ScreenshotSunday is it really shocking? If I had never gone up to Alonso he wouldn’t have talked to me! I have to swallow that I’m intimidating. The rest of the date went well, I thought it was fun! I think we’re both givers and romantic. We agreed that we wanted to have as much fun as possible! Which means having a buddy for all my food adventures. We agreed that we’d see each other this weekend.

S/o to the bar manager for treating me. Love you!

I left the date more unsettled and confused than on cloud 9. For the first time, I can’t read someone. Or I just feel like he’s lying. In the past I’d bask in someone showering me with compliments all night and now I’m like, yeah okay, you’re probably just buttering me up. In the past someone connecting the dots and making a positive assumption about my character would have been surprising (because it never happens lol) and now I’m like “How can you tell I’m a warm person after a day?” “How can you be so sure I’m nice?” It all feels too similar to Theo. I’m second guessing myself and I hate that he’s put me in that headspace because Alonso just seems so kind. A friend told me this is normal because everything I thought I knew has been broken and I’m trying to reconfigure. Sometimes things are too good to be true and sometimes things really do click. The best part is, I don’t have to figure it out overnight. (Patience, HB, patience)

We shared a nice good night kiss in the sprinkling rain and he sent a sweet good night text before bed. I’m really looking forward to brunch on Saturday! Wish me luck.

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28 year old young professional dating and eating her way through Phoenix restaurants while learning a bit along the way

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