Welcome to all my dating shenanigans!

My blog posts consist of dates, restaurant ratings, and some thoughts I have about navigating being a twenty something year old.

Latest from the Blog


I’m sorry LOL (He’s gonna hate this). Lucius is an artist and I was obsessed with Terrence Howard and his character Lucius Lyons on Empire. I’ll call him Lu though. This one is long because it’s been a month long show. I’ve had a crush on Lu for months. He was performing at one of…

2022 Dating Wrapped

My girl Kimmy sent me this trend on TikTok so I made one but I thought this would make a great reflection blog because in 2022, I experienced the best and the worst! So the apps are getting… worse? Or maybe my tolerance has diminished into nothing. Hinge is still going to be my favorite…

Speed Dating Series: My Cheeky Date Review

It’s raining, there’s some superfluous light parade that has shut down an intersection on CENTRAL, and I’m flustered walking into Rott’n Grapes. It’s dark and there’s zero women. I make a beeline to the bathroom and Snapchat my girls that I cannot do this. No one responds. I head out and order wine lol I…

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