I love receiving flowers 🙂

This is going to be a little different.

Date Rating: What sucks about someone going above and beyond for you is that it wrecks it for everything before them. Five 🔥 now mean something totally different lol but Theo can have it. It was the dreamiest first date I had ever been on.

Romance and seduction were the themes this year; I read 50 romance novels alone! Plus with all the weddings I attended, I was love drunk. I wanted to swoon outside of the pages too. Theo said “say less”. We met on Hinge while he was visiting in town. Just my luck, right? Someone I find attractive who’s also excited about me and they live 350 miles away. But he never made me feel the distance. He’d text me for hours everyday and took my drunk calls in stride lol We’d make up little stories or talk about hypotheticals. And his compliments made me feel unreal. “You’re hypnotizing.” “You’re everything the English language can say to describe someone as beautiful as you.” Words of affirmation is not my top love language because people lie but I hung on Theo’s every word. We went from, we’ll meet in March to, okay early January, to “how soon can you get here, I can’t wait anymore” in a matter of four weeks. So I was off to LA.

And I knew this was a little crazy, I had butterflies and I’m planning intricate Christmas presents for him. Around my close friends I’m referring to him as my “Maybe Baby”. I have feelings, they happened quickly, and I’m down bad. My heart didn’t start racing until I landed at LAX. A week of very intense daydreaming was about to come to fruition. When I saw him and he kissed me, all of that melted away. He just felt familiar.

Bottomless anyone?

He gifted me a dozen red roses. I don’t know if he did that because he stalks my Twitter and Instagram and knows what I like or if that’s just the kinda guy he is (I think it’s just him) but I went all warm and fuzzy. He had a whole itinerary planned for my four day getaway and y’all know I adore that type of initiative. We stopped at Target so we could pick up a bottle of champagne 1, because it makes me playful and 2, because we had to celebrate us meeting! There was a sense of ease that just washed over me when he laced his fingers into mine walking into the store.

When we get home, we toast to a good weekend and he works while I watch some reality TV. It’s funny because I drink until I’m tispy enough to pull him away from his work and make out with him in a scene that is worthy of an HBO prime time special and then… I take a nap on his lap. I had slept 4 hours in the past 48 and his warmth and the bubbles just lulled me to sleep. Then when I wake up, we switch positions in comfortable silence, like we’ve done this before, his head on my chest. I’m running my fingers over his bouncy curls and he’s telling me the plan for the night. Some games at this spot called Spo-Cha and drinks at a beautiful wine bar because he knows I love a good cocktail bar. I like how he’s been listening to me and how he’s actively searched for things I’d like. And all of a sudden, I hear snoring. He’s so at peace I say, screw it, and let him rest.

I’m gonna love anyone that loves Bojack

I let him sleep through when he wanted to play games and when he woke up I didn’t really want to go to the bars anymore either. I know, shocker! It was cold and we had just cuddled for hours, I suggested that we grab some more alcohol and play We’re Not Really Strangers. It had been so illuminating with friends, why not a date? I complain all the time about not being physically attracted to men like that and then having to overcome the hurdles of their morals and political stances… you can imagine my surprise that Theo is kind and good. He’s compassionate and I like his dreams. Plus he makes me laugh, which isn’t a hard task, but I’m thoroughly enjoying myself.

Sleeping in the same bed as someone is always dicey for me. I don’t wanna be hot and I hate feeling constricted by anything other than a weighted blanket. Imagine my shock when I wake up and see I’m all tangled up in Theo comfortably. We take our time getting out of bed and making our way to the living room for a morning of cartoons and cereal. He’s working so I occupy myself and disrupt him occasionally with kisses and jokes. He’s shit talking me all day that he’s going to beat me at games that night. I love some competition so I’m shit talking right back and we make a bet. We’ll play five games. Winner of three gets to tell the loser to do anything for an hour. If at any point they say no, the hour starts over. How bad could that be? We get to Spo-Cha and I wore a cute little pink dress to which he smirked and said “You look beautiful and I hope you’re wearing underwear but that’s not going to distract me from whooping your ass”

Batter Up!

Spo-Cha is like Dave and Buster’s mixed with batting cages, ping pong, volleyball, roller skating, a gun range, mini bikes, basketball, soccer, and a jungle gym. There is truly something for everyone and it’s a wonderful date spot. Game number 1? Batting cages. Initially, he was beating me. THEN I figured out I was batting with my left hand and switched. My T-Ball champion skills came in and I dusted him. HB -1 Theo – 0. Then we moved to Ping Pong. I won one set… so HB -1 Theo -1. I demand we play air hockey because I need a come back. He definitely tried to cheat which means he cared! But I’m scrappy. HB -2 Theo -1. I’m not big on PDA but I like when he gives me random kisses in between teasing me. We move on to HORSE and I’d like to record to show not only did I hit a three pointer but I made him get an HOR. In the end we tied it up. HB -2 Theo -2. I suggest Tekken because the last time I played I wasn’t bad. We agree to do the best of three. He wins the first game and I win the second. My hands are clammy as we head into the final and last game. “You’re not beating me” he grins. At this point I’m only kinda confident in myself so I stay silent. He wins the first round and I win the second and it’s down to this last round…I lose. “What are you gonna make me do?” I ask as we walk into the brisk night. The cold air feels good on my skin after all the competition. He pulls my hand up to his lips and laughs. Great.

i LOVE Sea Bass

We head home so we can change up for dinner which… Bacari Silverlake? 🥭🥭🥭🥭🥭 out of 5. I’ve been on a lot of first dates but this one had to be my favorite restaurant. I had my lil passionfruit cocktail and then we had six courses to split between us. Sea Bass, octopus, lobster mac & cheese, mussels, wings and brussels sprouts; everything was delectable. We talk about our friends and family and tell stories. At this point, we’re calling each other pet names like “baby”. We were eating by candlelight in a cute corner. It was just so romantic. The trip to the sex shop after didn’t hurt either 😉

The next morning I’m woken up to the scent of cinnamon and bell peppers. He made me the best pancakes and an omelette. We have a concert on our itinerary today. After breakfast he’s off to run various errands and let me have the bathroom all to myself so I can properly get ready. Nothing spectacular happened Saturday. We simply just watched some music and I zoned out while the edible I took beat my ass. When we got home we watched Friday After Next where you’d SWEAR I’d never seen a comedy before. “You’re really enjoying yourself huh?” Theo asked as tears pool at my eyes. “Why would he tell her she has a wolf pussy?!” I giggle. And allegedly when the giggles stopped he knew I had knocked out.

My final day was here. We spent the day watching football and eating our Uber eats. I, of course, wanted to spend it in bed but not everyone is as energetic as me. “Oh yeah, before I forget, I got the first part of your Christmas present.” He got up to go to his room. “I didn’t know you had gotten me something. That’s so sweet T.” I blushed. What the hell was it? I ripped at the red bag he returned with and saw the purple Coyotes jersey I tweeted I needed a year ago. And I think that was the first moment I knew what it was like to actually be liked by someone I dated. Yeah men had bought gifts for me before, that I mentioned to them explicitly, but no one had taken the time to do research like this. I was touched and the look on his face looking at the excitement on mine was perfect.

Now I gotta go to hockey games lol

We both love water so he had promised to take me to the beach before my flight at 10. We sat in the car and we talked about the weekend and possible future weekends. He’d tickle and bite at me making me laugh like a maniac and there was a second moment I had. People can really just come into your life and make it fun and you just can’t believe they’re so…good there. Like they always should have been there. At the basis we have a good friendship. He thinks its cute I love those choose your own adventure apps and he doesn’t complain that I may need a full hour and a half to get ready. He enjoys my jokes and will smile blissfully at my singing. I’m not entirely sure where this is heading and Theo has reminded me that we should just enjoy what we have for a little longer before we start planning past the spring. So for once, I’m gonna listen. I appreciate how thoughtful and confident he is. As a hedonist, I love that is MO is really doing whatever feels best. It’s so refreshing to not have to hesitate or hold back what I want to say or do nice things. He encourages it and doesn’t make a big deal of it. He really does make me feel like the prettiest and coolest girl on this side of the planet. So here’s to Theo, my favorite date yet. See ya soon.

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