Alonso Pt. 2

Lol I just wanted a solo picture tho

Restaurant Rating: 4 out of 5! So Yelp Phoenix gave me VIP tickets to Seltzer Land!Thanks! It was a gorgeous morning and there were over 20 hard seltzers, many which I hadn’t had! All the vendors were sooo nice and passionate about their products! A special s/o to Pure Botanicals bc their seltzers were super clean and are supposed to help you avoid hangovers! The Long Drink and Ashland Hard Seltzers are really good! The Mighty Swell has the most interesting flavors on the market. Bomani is the only cold brew hard seltzer I know of and I can only imagine it with some cream!And out of all the mainstream seltzers Vizzy is the best. Oh and I love High Noons immensely. Overall it was a fun day drinking date!

I tried to take a solo pic then this lady wanted to join and ol boy said “product placement!!”

Date Rating: 2 out of 5. And it’s not him, it’s me. You ever meet someone that checks off all your boxes and there’s no spark? That’s how I feel about Alonso. He’s so sweet like “call you in the middle of the day bc I was thinking about you” sweet. He’s accomplished and ambitious. He gives me the best compliments. He’ll call me captivating and say my energy is invigorating. I know I had my doubts earlier this week but I decided to shut all that down and lean into it. It’s so new after all. I was so excited to invite him.

Me, FaceTiming him

He struggles with time. I told him I wanted to get there at 11. I called him at 9:45 just to check in and he was like “oh? I should probably leave at 10:30 then huh? Let me get ready.” His lack of planning is concerning and he was 25 minutes late because he decided to ignore the directions I sent him 🙃 never mind that though. I can compensate for that. We’re having a good time and he makes some slick comment that I wasn’t as excited to see him (I literally jumped in his arms when I saw him. My feet left the ground but okay) and I asked him why he’d say that. He said I was hard to read. A critique I have never gotten before. I felt like I had been clear that I wanted to take things slow. He’s very… sexual. I had to tell him this week that I didn’t want to know about him finding my voice sexy or that it made me uncomfortable that he was thinking about what “sexy PJs” I was wearing to bed. And for those that know me in real life, I know that can be confusing (lol because I’m half naked like all the time) but there’s a line between admiring me and objectifying me to be walking sex. It’s so crass. It shatters any illusion I have of romance. I told him to give me time and if he followed my lead it would pay off, I promised and he apologized and said he never wanted me to feel comfortable. I guess it’s just disappointing that unless I’m throwing it at him, he cannot read that I’m interested in him. So is life.

Why can’t they let me do it first then follow my lead?

He’s such a people pleaser that he can’t be decisive which aggravates me because sometimes I just want someone else to take the wheel. I gave him three options for lunch and he’d settle on one then switch it two minutes later. I eventually had to tell him that I was gonna pick. Lol I should have done that the first time!

One thing D&B does well is drinks

We settle at Dave and Busters (where all my relationships go to die lol) and we’re drinking and talking crap. We’re flirting and I’m whooping his ass at games. He’s getting touchy and wanting to hold me and grab my ass and kiss me every three minutes which would have been cool but I felt nothing. My heart didn’t flutter. My skin wasn’t tingly. I didn’t feel the urge to kiss him back. 😪 and it’s really not him. He’s so chivalrous, has a good head on his shoulders and thinks I’m amazing. But why settle for anything less than being giddy all the time? He deserves someone who thinks their days are brighter with him in them. But it’s not me. Gentlemen are always hard to break up with. I wish him the very best.

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