Speed Dating Series: Couple.com Review

Couple.com boasts “hooking you up with partners and the party”. I’ve been speed dating before; it’s never been successful like in the rom coms but you never know! Maybe the next love of my life signed up on a whim, wouldn’t that be a fun story? I heard of couple when I was scrolling somewhere and thought it sounded fun. I signed up immediately. You make a profile with a quick bio, you can select from a bucket of interests, and then you put your minimum and maximum age requirements.

The event took place on a weekday evening at 5PM, cool. You test your equipment then you watch an intro video explaining that there was a “pre-party” where people can play games and chat. Then you go on rounds of 3 minute dates then there’s an after party. 

The pre-party was EXCRUCIATINGLY awkward. For 11 minutes, people were just staring at each other. I sure as hell wasn’t gonna start the conversation. So I left and came back when it was closer to the actual dating.

This was the first thing I saw. I knew I was in for a doozy.

My first date was a Nigerian guy from Virginia who actually stated on his bio that he was looking for Latina women. I find that corny so I was surprised he wanted to keep chatting. I am not your type!

After your 3 minutes are up, you can choose to extend your date for a fee or move on to the next person. You also rate how they were as people, 1- being rude 5 – friendly and respectful. All my dates were 5s.

For the next hour I met 15 men from Canada, the south, and California. As we know, I find long distance extremely romantic so I would have made it work if I clicked with someone! But couple is a new app so it’s glitchy. They don’t match you by region and my age requirements were more of a suggestion to them. 

The guys were nice from saying I had an “enchanting smile” to saying they’d brave 120 degree summers just to date me but none of them were my type. Some asked for my IG when there were 10 seconds left. I know I’m extroverted but I was drained by guy 7! There’s only so much small talk you can do when you know this isn’t going to go anywhere. Surprisingly, all the men made decent small talk which helped!

I would adore this idea if it were 15 guys I could actually see myself dating. Being the Bachelorette is basically my dream and this was like welcome night 😂 I won’t be using couple.com in the foreseeable future but I think it has some amazing potential! If you sign up, let me know how it goes!

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28 year old young professional dating and eating her way through Phoenix restaurants while learning a bit along the way

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