Speed Dating Series: My Cheeky Date Review

It’s raining, there’s some superfluous light parade that has shut down an intersection on CENTRAL, and I’m flustered walking into Rott’n Grapes. It’s dark and there’s zero women. I make a beeline to the bathroom and Snapchat my girls that I cannot do this. No one responds. I head out and order wine lol I can do this. 

Our host is running like 30 behind but more women start to show. We all chat and swap dating stories. My heart goes out to them. They’re so pretty and hopeful. I try to adopt the same POV. 

I get checked in and I look around the tiny room and I’d never date any of these men. So I really had to ask myself LOL “HB, why do you think your life is an HBO comedy?”  For the next hour I was just gonna brush up on my small talk skills, looking back, I should have used the time to come up with very elaborate alternate backstories like how I was a scientist or SoundCloud rapper. 

The men were all nice! I love how these events are always filled with very introverted men who are trying to put themselves out there. I hope they find the love of their lives and live happily ever after. The strangest part was the two Mormon guys in the rotation. Lol

1. Y’all know good and well you can’t date gen pop like that.

2. One of them already had a girlfriend. He will be married within the next year.

3. I could not contain my laughter when one of them said his friend needed to come to these events because he couldn’t get pussy. Technically… he’s not allowed to anyway 🙃

So yeah, its been nice to try something other than the apps or having to shoot my shot while out 😅 there’s one more event that I am now debating canceling on. We’ll see if I get bored! 

Published by thehungrybachelorette

28 year old young professional dating and eating her way through Phoenix restaurants while learning a bit along the way

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