FYPM is so sexy

Restaurant Rating: 💸💸💸💸💸 out of 5. My love for colored lighting has never steered me wrong. FYPM opened not too long ago and in true fashion, I came opening week. I knew with the pink lights, comfy sofa, and clouds it would make a perfect date night spot. Their drinks are all light and the fruity ones are spectacular. The food is good too! Since it’s a speakeasy and there’s no signage, it doesn’t get a lot of traffic so you could probably walk in if it’s a week night. It is loud af though, clearly they don’t want intimate conversations so be prepared to speak up!

Date Rating: 🔥🔥 out of 5. What’s going on? I’m worried I’m not really good at this anymore! I became even more nervous when Gustavo didn’t confirm the date until two hours before it was supposed to happen. It’s a cardinal red flag. In my experience, there was never a successful relationship if a guy didn’t text me either 24 hours before the date or at least the morning of. He’s probably not excited and/or doesn’t care that much. BUT, I had been lamenting to my friends that I needed to date a Mexican man again. They’ve been the most romantic, most gentlemanly guys (Shoutout to my first crush Dallas)! And Gustavo was tall and when was that going to happen again. I threw on some jeans and tinted moisturizer and left.

Then…he was late. At this point I’m turned off and planning to have just one drink and then dip. When he does show up, grinning and nicely dressed, I. throw on a big smile. He’s asking me where I’m from and eventually asked what high school I went to (a common question for locals) and we find out we both went to the same one. He graduated a year ahead of me and we have some mutual friends! The date did a whole 180 at this point. My body relaxed and he felt so familiar. I was genuinely laughing.

Even though we were getting along great, I could tell things weren’t exactly aligning. He can’t fathom the idea of me still being good friends with people I’ve slept with. He asked if I would drop them if I got into a relationship and I definitely clocked his eyebrow raise when I said “absolutely not”. He’s in school and renovating his family home with his friend (I think that’s really sweet). But the absolute killer for me is when they mention money and the lack of having it or the discomfort of spending it. I don’t really want to know. I also don’t know why you’d tell me that. It’s not turning me on! Men don’t know how to have FUN. They are tortured creatures. Or looking for a therapist. Like damn, you couldn’t flirt and make me blush a bunch before dumping on me? I miss the old days where the guys would at least give you an orgasm or two before they pillow talked their deepest darkest secrets.

I steer the conversation to lighter topics so we can still have a good time. I did appreciate how he asked me questions. It’s always nice when someone is genuinely interested in you! After drinks, I’m feeling a little tipsy. We were debating about who has the best pizza in town (Costco is in his top 3 which I feel is heinous) so we hop across the street to Hot Daisy Pizza. We both never had it and I like experiencing something new on a date. It was cheesy and crisp and they had hot honey. I’m obsessed.

It’s a crime they close at 10PM!

Sitting across the table he states that I’m beautiful and would like to hang out again. He makes me feel like my old homies in middle school so I’m down, of course, but it’s nothing romantic. He walks me to my car and gives me a really great hug. As I’m pulling off, he sends me a text that I should come over and watch a movie. At 10PM on a week night. I am getting mind numbingly bored again. We’re about to wrap this up!

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28 year old young professional dating and eating her way through Phoenix restaurants while learning a bit along the way

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