#MeMondays Pt. 1

The fried plantains really set it OFF!

WELCOME TO #MeMondays!

After a month of brainstorming what I’m going to do until it’s safe to date again, I finally figured it out. Let me first say that I miss the guaranteed laughs with #ScreenshotSunday. I know times are harder than ever tight now so I’m wishing anyone who is reading this much peace and comfort (any way you can get it tbh. just be safe!) I have to be optimistic that better days are coming.

So what are #MeMondays all about? As I continue to aggressively social distance, I found that living alone was actually really peaceful. Play music as loud as you want, wear whatever you’d like, control the temperature of the house. I loved it, I just needed to find ways to keep occupied besides watching everything on Netflix and hulu. So I aggressively began to invest in myself. I was saving all this time and money by staying indoors so I started to experiment with cooking & baking. I bought new skincare products and began to find enjoyable ways to get my body moving. I also really wanted to revisit this blog and maybe write a book or focus on photography. It kind of felt like dating myself. I was spoiling myself and getting to know myself even better than before. I had my undivided attention… which is what a boyfriend would be doing during lockdown anyway.

So I decided to use this platform to highlight the local businesses I’d interact with every week. And I’d shed light on some of this self love journey of mine. You ready?

Restaurant Rating: šŸŒ®šŸŒ®šŸŒ®šŸŒ® out of 5. Bandit Taco really came in clutch. I loved their crispy shrimp tacos and al pastor ones. They had fried plantains as a side so I had to get them and the portions were so generous! Be sure that if you’re getting delivery, please tip over 20%! We are all in this pandemic right now and must work together to get through this.

Date Rating: šŸ’–šŸ’–šŸ’–šŸ’– out of 5. Snapchat memories are so rude right now. Not only do they remind me of how much I miss going out with my friends but they also remind me of how dull I’ve looked for the past three months! I’ve cut out eating out to once every two weeks and really focusing on how to cook healthy foods but I’m struggling. I have strong cravings! And with my appetite showing up whenever it wants, my weight has been fluctuating. The joys of adapting to stress, right? I was tired of looking through old pictures. I played the new Chloe x Halle (Ungodly Hour was really gonna set the mood for me) and I exfoliated with a dry brush and Necesarie’s eucalyptus exfoliator. Automatically my senses perked up, I was singing, and lathering my now super smooth skin with some hyaluronic moisturizer and Fenty’s Body Lava. I found some lacy white lingerie and a long pink robe and threw on a playful wig. Then i poured myself a big glass of wine and took selfies. Taking care of yourself and feeling good about yourself is important in general but I feel it’s paramount now. I shouldn’t have to wait until I have somewhere to go or someone to see before I get dolled up. There is something therapeutic and intimate about paying such close attention to yourself. I wish we were able to slow down and do that more often. I savored the moment and made a promise to put aside some more time like that. I hope you do as well.

Published by thehungrybachelorette

28 year old young professional dating and eating her way through Phoenix restaurants while learning a bit along the way

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