Francisco Pt. 2

Always make friends with the bartender.

Restaurant Rating: 🍹🍹🍹🍹🍹 out of 5. Straight Up is this cozy little speakeasy in a phone booth. I suggest going early in the night and on a Thursday so you can have the bartenders full attention. They are super sweet and knowledgeable and love what they do; I’ll be back for sure. I mean he made me a random drink and we named it after me 🙂 It’s a perfect first date spot.

Date Rating: 🔥 out of 5. It is with such a heavy heart that I write this. Francisco was eager to see me so I invited him to happy hour with me and my best friend, Katia. I figured maybe they’d hit it off? They both liked scary movies and endless hypothetical situations.

Happy hour was cool. We laughed about TV shows and talked about how we were raised. Excited, Katia suggested we continue the night so we headed to the speakeasy. Francisco sat next to me though and he insisted on buying my drinks, so he was still interested in me? Okay, cool. While Katia’s flirting with half the bar, me and Francisco talk about music. Sabrina Claudio comes up and I tell him I don’t listen to her. He continues to press and I just tell him I don’t listen to artists with racist pasts. As a black woman, aren’t I allowed to use my money towards people who uplift me?

Francisco decided he’d play devil’s advocate here (MISTAKE 1) “But all kids say dumb stuff, especially on the internet. I did. Should that not be forgiven?” I just don’t feel like racism, homophobia, misogyny, ect are light topics to joke about at any age. You can be funny without being an asshole, period. You know better. I have higher standards for the people I’d like to associate with. Besides, I have experienced people who aren’t truly sorry for the hateful views they’ve held, they are ashamed of the backlash. They are sorry they got caught. I also didn’t understand why a Mexican guy from LA was defending racism as a rite of passage.

“What if in 50 years people who were not vegans are shamed?” (MISTAKE 2) Francisco decided to compare racism to not being vegan. I told him this false equivalence was stupid and he should quickly fix his argument because it was appalling. Imagine comparing the history of discriminating and killing people due to their skin color to eating meat. You are biologically designed to eat meat. Your teeth and stomach’s enzymes are proof of this. You were not born to be hateful; you cannot compare the two.

There’s nothing I hate more than a dude trying to be smart and really just wants to be offensive and edgy. Things got tense and I was over it. If you are going to dive into controversial territory, please be sure you can back it up. When he realized he fucked up he tried to back track and agree with me but it was too late. I told Katia to close out. I paid for my own drinks and deleted his number. I hate a devil’s advocate.

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28 year old young professional dating and eating her way through Phoenix restaurants while learning a bit along the way

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