Where Are They Now Tho?

I get messages about what happens to all the guys after I go on dates with them. “You give all these guys four and five flames and then we never hear about them again…. What happened?” Lol so here’s a run down of all of our Hungry Bachelorette All-Stars.

Cody: Our introverted boyfriend who worked for the Phoenix Suns. He loved taking me to restaurants we had never been to. He planned this elaborate Valentine’s Day dinner with a gondola ride. Well, he ended up ghosting me. It’s a shame too because I have some camping gear of his that he lent me for Coachella.

Alex: He was the MVP of the HB roster at one point. He is so lucky because he can truly say he lives up to that Drake lyric, “ex girl, she’s the female version of me.” He too, ended up cancelling our weekly dates and ghosting me because “I’m interviewing for a new job” for three weeks?! I am not stupid!

Kameron: My high school redemption haha we’re just friends who exchange an occasional benefit one in a blue moon. He’s eccentric. He’s in the marijuana and porn industry so he’ll get really high and start spewing his daydreams at me. I listen because he’s an amazing kisser, go figure.

Austin: He was 40, had no women friends, had slight anger issues. I canceled a date once and never rescheduled or followed back up. He didn’t either. I hope he’s happy with someone ready to get married.

Wade: After he said he could satisfy me better than a vibrator, I was so turned off that I told him it wasn’t going to work out. He was very upset and promptly blocked me on all social media outlets.

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28 year old young professional dating and eating her way through Phoenix restaurants while learning a bit along the way

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