Speed Dating Series: Couple.com Review

Couple.com boasts “hooking you up with partners and the party”. I’ve been speed dating before; it’s never been successful like in the rom coms but you never know! Maybe the next love of my life signed up on a whim, wouldn’t that be a fun story? I heard of couple when I was scrolling somewhereContinue reading “Speed Dating Series: Couple.com Review”

We’re Not Really Strangers

Restaurant Rating:   out of 5. I am OBSESSED with @state48brewery’s Suncast IPA. Not only did it fuel tonight but it has a fluffy mouthfeel, it’s not too bitter, and it makes me giggle a bit. It’s become one of my favorite beers since being back. I look forward to my Friday afternoons after work whereContinue reading “We’re Not Really Strangers”