Speed Dating Series: My Cheeky Date Review

It’s raining, there’s some superfluous light parade that has shut down an intersection on CENTRAL, and I’m flustered walking into Rott’n Grapes. It’s dark and there’s zero women. I make a beeline to the bathroom and Snapchat my girls that I cannot do this. No one responds. I head out and order wine lol IContinue reading “Speed Dating Series: My Cheeky Date Review”

Speed Dating Series: Couple.com Review

Couple.com boasts “hooking you up with partners and the party”. I’ve been speed dating before; it’s never been successful like in the rom coms but you never know! Maybe the next love of my life signed up on a whim, wouldn’t that be a fun story? I heard of couple when I was scrolling somewhereContinue reading “Speed Dating Series: Couple.com Review”

We’re Not Really Strangers

Restaurant Rating:   out of 5. I am OBSESSED with @state48brewery’s Suncast IPA. Not only did it fuel tonight but it has a fluffy mouthfeel, it’s not too bitter, and it makes me giggle a bit. It’s become one of my favorite beers since being back. I look forward to my Friday afternoons after work whereContinue reading “We’re Not Really Strangers”